AGM Minutes 2017


Minutes of the 8th Annual General Meeting

Thursday 11 May 2017 at 6.30pm, at the Dorset History Centre

President’s Welcome: Mrs Anthony Pitt-Rivers, President of DAT, welcomed Trustees and members. She noted that DAT continues to provide essential support to the work of DHC through fundraising and support. DAT has enabled the purchase of documents that would otherwise have been lost to the public. There has also been a series of events on a wide range of subjects linked to the DHC collections. In the coming year DAT will be closely involved in DHC’s capital project of £3million to extend the DHC strongrooms which will involve a major application to the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as other significant fundraising. DHC has been working on two key projects. The project to catalogue the Bankes of Kingston Lacy archive sees the launch of the new website next week and a successful event was held recently to celebrate the completion of the project to catalogue the Poole Borough archive. DHC continues to support a range of community projects and is actively seeking to carry out external work which has included work for Lord Shafesbury. In addition, DHC has received over 200 new accessions over the course of the year and provides a great service to researchers who come to use the service.

Apologies: Angela and Lynn Williams, Philip Toogood, David Jenkins, Michael le Bas, Susan Courage, John Utting, Christine Fowler, Edward Golton, Ed Hann, Barry Brock, Harry Grenville, Ron Crumpler

Minutes: The minutes of the 7th AGM held on 12th May 2016 were agreed to be a correct record. Proposed by Pam Donnellan, seconded by Pam Seaton. Agreed by general consent. There were no matters arising

Chairman’s Report 2016 – 2017: Carola Campbell reported on a busy and enjoyable year for the Trust with the following highlights:

Fundraising for DHC is a key activity of the trust and is going well.

The Document Purchase Fund is now in its fourth year. Monies are raised from donations and the raffle. This year the Document Purchase Fund acquired: –

1. 1914 Dorset Automobile Club Handbook

2. Power of Attorney between Richard Tucker & James Gollop, 1768

3. 18th and 19th century copies of the Charlton Marshall Sheep Walk Rolls, 1619

4. Child Okeford Cashbook and declarations from the 1840s

5. Capt. G. Collins 18th century nautical map of Dorset coastline

6. 1816 copy of the Shillingstone Terrier

7. Letters from the Vicar of Tolpuddle regarding antiquarian matters from the early 20th century

8. The wills of Morgan Light, 1794 and Robert Williams, 1827

A further £1200 was pledged to the Bankes Archive Project to extend the contract of a project member, in order to finish cataloguing the collection.

DAT provided £650 to Jenny Barnard, Conservation Officer to purchase an Environmental Monitoring kit to be used to assess and monitor environmental conditions when storing items in buildings, other than the History Centre.

A donation of £1000 was given to DAT to fund the specialist repackaging of the Rena Gardiner Archive, by Jenny Barnard. This generous donation was given, as a result of our event on life & artwork Rena Gardiner.

Several successful events were held:

A second gala evening at Kingston Lacy in partnership with the National Trust with picnics on the lawn, followed by strawberries and fizz on the terrace and a talk on the Bankes archive by Judith Teasdale.

Martin Andrews from Reading University gave a fascinating talk on Rena Gardiner, Dorset artist and printmaker.

In November the DAT event was held at the Priest House Museum Wimborne. This lecture titled, Food, Finery and Farming was given by Henry French, of Exeter University who used account books to give an insight into the daily life of Kingston Lacy in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

In February Professor Colin Divall gave a lecture The Politics of Dorset Railway Closures under Beeching which was given to a full house reflecting the popularity that railways continue to have.

In addition:

DAT continues to support the DHC volunteer work holding the second annual luncheon for the History Centre volunteers in July. This was an enjoyable celebration to thank the volunteers for all their hard work and to provide an opportunity to share experiences and plans. We hope to hold one again this Autumn.

Last December, Sam Johnston, County Archivist and Carola Campbell, DAT Chair were invited to share DAT’s experiences at a National Archives workshop in Kew. This was a very interesting day meeting others involved in archive trusts.

On 29th of March DAT sponsored a reception held to celebrate the completion of the Poole Borough Project. This significant project catalogued over 1600 boxes of parchment and paper spanning 800 years.

Looking forward the coming year holds exciting challenges for DAT:

working with the History Centre on fund raising for the major capital project – a new extension to the History Centre.

Helping to fund the on-going conversation work of the History Centre. The post of Conservation Officer is only funded part time and DAT hopes to be able to support specific projects to enable additional time to be devoted to conserving Dorset’s heritage.

There are also plans to refresh our website, so do not be surprised if it changes later in the year.

The report concluded with a vote of thanks on behalf of the Chair and all the trustees to the DAT President Val Pitt-Rivers and Patron Kate Adie, for their support to the Trust and the History Centre and thanks also to the team of trustees & volunteers who continue give their time and commitment to the Trust, and make it so much fun.

Treasurer’s Report 2016 – 2017: Debbie Shaw presented her report. She referred to the accounts which were available to those present and which showed a profit of £878.63 on the year. This she explained was the result of the movement of grant funding which had been received by the Dorset Archives Trust in the previous financial year (2014/5) and was transferred to the Dorset History Centre in the following financial year (2015/6). Discounting this the Trust made a profit of just under £2,000. Currently membership subscriptions are lower but general donations have increased. The Chair made reference to the purchases in her report. The balance of funds held by DAT is £18,477.78 of which £9,288.64 is restricted for the DAT General Reserve (£3,000), the DHC Capital Project Fund (£5,000), the Document Purchase Fund (£1,098.64) and Sponsor a Box Fund (£190). The Treasurer commented that it has been a pleasure to find out more about the work of the Dorset Archives Trust and the Dorset History Centre. The motion to accept these accounts was proposed by Angus Campbell and seconded by Pam Donnellan. Accepted unanimously.

Election of Trustees to serve 20172020: Julia Carter a current board member was standing for re-election and co-opted trustees Reverend Canon Eric Woods DL, Annie Nethercott and Anne Kaile were standing for election. The elections were taken on bloc: proposed by Vicky, McDonaugh seconded by Pam Seaton. Accepted unanimously

Election of Independent Examiner (Auditor): Mr John Wraite had indicated that he was willing to stand as the Independent Examiner for another year and was re-elected. Proposed by Sara Loch and seconded by Annie Nethercott. Accepted unanimously

Any Other Business: None

The meeting closed at 7.05pm.