History Centre Shopping List

Here at the DAT we love to support our friends at the History Centre, with things that make it easier for them to share our love of Dorset history with everyone – so we asked them to make a shopping list of things they would like and this is what they came up with:

Funding a school trip £80 per trip


An artist to work with a development group to design a template for responding to a document using the visual arts – £1200

Digital microform reader£2150 or £3750

Conservation Work Station – Hot Air Pencil – £299.50

Microscope Digital Kit – £289.05

Dial Micrometer – £152.37

3m x 2m wall mounted BeamWall for the conservation of maps and oversized paper items. – £10,000

Complete digitisation of Herbert Collection – £25,000 main collection – £10,000 portraits

Lenses for the Nikon camera – £300 – £1,000

A lot of these things are very technical bits of equipment for preserving documents and archives that could be just falling apart in front of us.

The Archives Trust are delighted to say that as a result of our fundraising efforts we have already agreed to fund 5 school trips and give £1,000 towards some of the equipment needed.  If you would like to donate to help us fund the rest, you can donate here or get in touch.